Modern Thai Design inside an Old Wooden House

Take a Seat - Interior

One of the things I most enjoy in Thailand, aside from being with my Thai friends and eating Thai food, is exploring interesting new places, in between the nooks and crannies, or in this case, the skyscrapers and busy roads of Bangkok.  Throughout the Silom area and other residential parts of Bangkok, one can still find lovely old two storey wooden houses in the quiet sois (laneways) off the congested roads.

Typical Wooden Bangkok House

What becomes more interesting, is that many of these old houses are converted into businesses, particularly restaurants, wine bars and galleries. One such wooden Thai house worth a visit is Take a Seat, a Thai food restaurant and wine bar located at 38 Narathiwat Soi 2, Silom Road, Bang Rak.

Take a Seat

The owners of this particular establishment have taken great care in the interior design making one feel cosy and luxurious at the same time.

Outside at the bar

Inside chandelier

Water feature

Window into the kitchen

Stairway to second floor dining area

Wine Collection


Looking down on outside courtyard

Upstairs balcony

The view nextdoor

Upstairs ceiling


My friend and I only dropped by for a quick drink on our way back from one of the best Thai massages I’ve had in my life so I can’t really vouch for the food.  However, there is a blog which I will link here that shows the various Thai dishes.  The blog is in Thai but easy to follow with the photos.  Take a Seat Menu

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