A Siamese Fairy Tale

One of the sweetest shops on Chiang Mai’s fashionable Nimmanhemin Road is a small shop called Garden of Love that specializes in the production of beautiful individually hand-crafted paper mâché fairies made out of saa (mulberry) paper and fabric.  Saa paper is made from the bark of new branches stripped from the young saplings of fast growing mulberry trees (Broussonetia Papyrifera) – a genuine renewable resource and an environmentally friendly product.

In Thailand, the production of saa paper has taken place for almost 700 years. Traditionally, saa paper was used for Buddhist scripts, temple decor, umbrellas, fans and kites. For more information about mulberry paper, see this link.

These lovely “Springtime Fairies” can be found flying about the whimsical Garden of Love shop located at 14/ 3 Nimman Promenade –  next to the Wawee Coffee Shop on the west side of the street. While you wonder around looking for your special fairy, you can also observe the young lady making the fairies. Prices start from around Thai Baht 350. I now have a few of these Thai fairies hanging from the fairy lights I brought back from Chiang Mai.

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