40 Great Ways to Experience Luang Prabang, Laos

To get the best travel experience of Laos, leave your guidebook in the room and just explore. You haven’t been to Laos if you haven’t experienced any of these!

  1. Visit the temples that are dotted around the city (one of the oldest and most atmospheric is Wat Xieng Thong. To help maintain the temple, there is a 20,000 Kip or approximately US$ 2.50 entrance fee).
  2. Take a bit of time to learn the Lao currency! Thai Baht and US Dollars can also be used in most hotels and larger restaurants.
  3. Be enchanted by the sight of hundreds of monks in saffron coloured robes walking down the street during the daily Tak Bat (morning offerings), but do be aware of local customs of observing the ritual in silence, dressing appropriately and not getting too close to the monks).
  4. Pay a visit to the National Museum, formerly the Royal Palace.
  5. Enjoy a performance at the Royal Ballet Theatre where Lao folk dances and the Lao Ramayana are staged.
  6. Take a walking tour of Luang Prabang for a better understanding of this ancient city’s unique architecture.
  7. Catch the sunset from the banks of the Mekong River. Or better yet, take one of many sunset river cruises on offer.
  8. Enjoy a panoramic view of Luang Prabang from the top of Phousi Mountain.
  9. Drop by at the Hmong Market with its beautiful handicrafts.
  10. Take a cooking class – a great way to learn about Lao cuisine.
  11. Pay a visit to the colourful local food markets in the mornings and evenings, for example Talaat Phosi or Na Vieng Kham market.
  12. Discover the local handicrafts at the evening market.
  13. Explore Luang Prabang by renting a bicycle.
  14. Go dancing at one of the many bars and discos such as Dao Fa, Muang Sua or the Hive. Just remember, everything closes at midnight.
  15. The Bowling place is also another late night drinking venue.
  16. Try a cup of Lao tea, read a book or catch a movie at L’Etranger, Books & Tea.
  17. Enjoy a French meal at E’Elephant. Their chocolate mousse is divine!
  18. Go for a picnic or fishing along the Nam Khan river.
  19. Try the local Lao Beer and the local coffee.
  20. Go trekking.
  21. Take a walk along the penisnula to observe the daily lives of the local people, especially the side streets and alleys in the evenings when the sweet smell of home cooked meals fill the air.
  22. Pop in at ma te sai to learn more about local products from the villages.
  23. Have a chat with the novice monks to better understand the traditions of the monkhood.
  24. Listen to the chanting of the monks after 5 pm.
  25. Hear the sound of the temple drums at 4 am and 4 pm at most temples around town.
  26. Savour some delicious local Lao cuisine at one of several local restaurants.
  27. Find out more about the historic cultural and social features of the city at the Heritage Information Centre.
  28. Get up close and personal with elephants by taking a scenic ride, staying overnight or learning how to care and handle elephants.
  29. Relax with a massage or a steam bath at the Lao Red Cross.
  30. Meet the weavers who produce gorgeous textiles at Oct Pop Tok’s weaving centre.
  31. Learn how remnants of a war long gone are still effecting Laos at UXO Laos.
  32. Take a tour of the handicraft villages around LPQ that include Ban Chan, Ban Had Hian, Ban Sang Khong and Ban Xieng Lek.
  33. Pay a visit to the tomb of Henri Mouhot, the man who rediscovered Angkor Wat and explored the Mekong River.
  34. Spend a day swimming or relaxing at the Kouang Si or Tad Sae waterfalls.
  35. Take a boat trip on the Mekong and explore the Pak Ou Cave (Buddha cave).
  36. Kayak or raft down the Nam Khan River.
  37. Learn more about the country’s various ethnic groups at The Traditional Arts & Ethnic Museum.
  38. Learn a few words in Lao from the local people.
  39. Try to give back, either by making a donation (however small) to a project, health centre, school or temple.
  40. Keep smiling!!!
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