5 Must Do Things in Krabi Town

I’ve been visiting the islands of southern Thailand and transiting through Krabi town for the past few decades. Compared to Phuket, Krabi is much more relaxing, less expensive and interesting alternative for this purpose.

Here are 5 inexpensive ways you can spend your time while  on a short stay in Krabi.

5  ways to spend time while on a short stay in Krabi:

Local "Sea Gypsy" woman street vendor

1. Take a walk around the town. The Old Chaofa Pier is located off of Klong Kha Rd on the Krabi River, near the town centre, where there is a charming night market close to the promenade next to the piers. Food is good, with Muslim influences. Browse through the numerous shops and shopping malls. There are two night markets in Krabi town that are worth a look, and at weekends there is the ‘Walking Street” market from 5-10pm. There is a Vogue department store where items are cheaper than at the beach areas like Ao Nang. Check out the Tesco Lotus Shopping Mall and Big C which are near the airport. Prices are cheap and there are lots of eateries available there. There are a few art gallery offering affordable pop art pieces as well.

2. Visit the morning market which is the biggest in South Thailand, located on Maharaj Soi 9 (behind the Shell station). This market is for the early birds only! After 8am all the action has finished. This is best place to get all kinds of fresh fruit and vegetables ,sticky rice, fried chicken,  sweetened Thai tea or fresh hot soymilk. The section of fresh fish and meat sellers is incredible!

Krabi - Shrine of the Sacred Pillar

3.  Visit the Shrine of Krabi’s Sacred Pillar. A Lak Mueang or ‘City Pillar Shrine’ is a public shrine, usually in the shape of a pillar, which represents the spirit deity of each province of Thailand. Each shrine has great religious, social, and political importance, held in high regard by the local people. Most Thai provinces have an official shrine (some districts have their own smaller shrine).  The shrine for the city and province of Krabi is situated in a large, well maintained garden to the immediate north of the provincial hall.

Khao Kanab Nam

4. Visit Khao Kanab Nam, the symbol of Krabi. Krabi is situated on a relatively low and flat patch of land running along the Krabi River, which is to the east. Kanab Nam mountain is visible to the north — two limestone rocks jutting up from the water at curious angles. A longtail boat can take you from the pier to the rocks in 15 minutes, where you can walk up some stairs to the top. Otherwise, there are plenty of vantage places to view the rocks from the town itself.

Sticky rice and mango

5.  Eat at the Night Market on Maharat Soi (Lane) 10 in the centre of town. This market has a huge variety of fresh fruits, vegetables and lots of authentic cooked food stalls at very affordable local prices. I had one of the best sticky rice and mango plates ever! There is also the nearby ‘Walking Street’ night market, between the Vogue Department store and the Vieng Thong Hotel, on Fridays to Sundays, 5-10 pm that sells food and general items like clothes and handicrafts etc, with a large seating area and entertainment for the kids.

For more sights and attractions around Krabi, check out my slideshow below.

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