Mussoorie Milestones 3: From Mullingar to Char Dukan

Slideshow of photos taken on a couple of walks between Doma’s Inn at Mullingar Hill, Landour – overlooking the Dun Valley and Woodstock School – and Char Dukan (the four shops and former Landour cantonment parade ground) and St Paul’s Church, an Anglican church next to Char Dukan, during the third week in October 2011. 

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“British forces occupied this region of Garhwal known as Landour, following the Ghurka wars in the second decade of the 19th century.  Colonel Frederick Young, an Irish officer in the East India Company army constructed the first permanent dwelling at Mullingar in 1825. Landour takes its name from Llanddowror, a small town in Wales.

In 1827, it became a convalescent depot for British troops suffering from malaria and other tropical diseases. Those who did not survive are buried in the cemetery on the north side of the hill. At the beginning of the twentieth century, a British Military Hospital was established and remained open until 1947.  The hospital buildings currently house the Defense Ministry’s Institute of Technology Management. Sisters’ Bazaar acquired its name from the nursing sisters who lived nearby the hospital.  Some the other early buildings include St. Paul’s church, built in 1840, and the original Landour Cantonment Post Office at Char Dukan.  An old bridal trail, which circles the three summits of Landour ridge, is known as the chukkar and became motorable in the late 1950s”. (Source: Rokeby Manor)

St Paul’s Church was built in 1839 and first consecrated on May 1, 1840, by Bishop Daniel Wilson of Calcutta. From 1840 to 1947, the church was run by military chaplains and was the premier church for the cantonment used primarily by the British residents of Landour and the British Military Hospital during the British Raj. (Wikipedia).

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