Dreamtime in Mussoorie

What made our time extra special while attending the 100th anniversary  WOSA celebrations at Woodstock School in October 2011, was our 5 night stay at Doma’s Inn – a delightful guesthouse on top of Mullingar Hill in Landour, Mussoorie (north India)  – with spectacular views of the Doon Valley and Woodstock School and surrounds. I was enchanted by Doma’s Inn from the moment I arrived.

Managed and owned by  former Woodstock alumni, Doma’s Inn was inspired by the Tibetan heritage of their mother and grandmother – Doma.  Beautiful large ornate  Thangka wall and ceiling paintings, handcrafted by traditional Nepalese Thangka painters, welcome guests as they enter the lobby. Tibetan rugs, cushion covers and other colourful decorum adorn the accommodating rooms. Mod cons like hot water, Wifi, cable TV and heating have not been forgotten with a computer provided  for guests in the upstairs lounge. Let the pictures now speak for themselves.

Doma's Inn

Guardians of sleep and rest welcome you at the entrance

Morning sunrise view from my room

View from my room of Midlands, Hostel and Ridgeland

View from my room below

View from Doma's Inn - Mullingar Hill

My room!

Sweet Dreams!

The deck from my room!

Another view from my room

Upstairs internet lounge - great place for masala tea

Enjoying Masala Chai at Doma's Inn

Lounge uptairs with amazing valley views

Stairway down to lobby from internet lounge

One of the downstairs' lounges with a view towards the valley

Coffee Shop and Lobby

Sanuk editor taking time out to enjoy a cup of masala chai every morning!

Hand painted (Tibetan thangka style) painting - The Wind Horse. Bearer of prayers to heaven

Hand painted (Tibetan thangka style) painting - The Oriental dragon. The fountain of water and prosperity.

Hand painted (Tibetan thangka style) painting

A paper kite used as a ceiling decoration

Another Tibetan Kite

Mr & Mrs Tenzing Nima - Proprietors of Doma's Inn

Besides having the friendliest and most helpful staff on board, we were particularly pleased with the endless cups of Masala Chai supplied with our breakfast every morning. We were also very touched by the white silk prayer shawls the staff draped on our shoulders as we departed, wishing us good luck in our future travels. I will be back for sure!!!

To find out more about Doma’s Inn and to make a booking, you can contact them through the link below:

Doma’s Inn

And this scene awaits you - only a short walk behind Doma's Inn

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