Riding the Iron Rooster in Vietnam

Our first train journey in Vietnam lasted for only the duration of 7 kilometres, starting from the atmospheric Dalat Railway Station to the town of Trai Mat. We had plenty of spare time to take in the unusual architecture of the station before we left for Linh Phuoc Pagoda and of course, there were photo opportunities!

Built in 1938, Dalat Railway Station was designed in the Art Deco architectural style by French architects incorporating the high, pointed roofs characteristic of the Cao Nguyen communal buildings of ethnic minorities from Vietnam’s Central Highlands. The three roofs are believed to represent the three peaks of Dalat’s iconic Lang Biang mountain, and are also reminiscent of Normandy’s Trouville-Deauville Station.

Dalat Railway Station

Inside Dalat Railway Station

One of the old colonial buildings around the station

Gardens along the tracks outside the station

The old steam locomotive, no longer in action

Inside the engine room of the steam locomotive

Although no longer in use for transportation, the old steam locomotive still provides a backdrop for Vietnamese newly weds!

More local newly weds!

The diesel train that transport tourists to Trai Mat

Largely unused since abandonment of the railway during the later years of the Vietnam War, it returned to a limited service in the 1990s with the reopening of a 7 km section of track leading to Trai Mat, operated as a tourist attraction.

From Dalat to Trai Mat, there are hundreds of market gardens

Thousands of artichokes grown for artichoke tea!

Colourful Market Gardens

Dalat Market Gardens

Scenery from the train

View of the Pagoda from the train

Vietnamese school kids on the train

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