Silk Lanterns of Hoi An

Throughout the narrow cobblestone streets of the old quarters of the World Heritage town of Hoi An, Vietnam – with its 16th century houses, moss-covered ancient temples and pagodas, silk tailors, shoe makers and jewellery shops – are hundreds of beautiful hand-made lanterns hanging in front of shops and across the streets. These colourful silk and bamboo lanterns are locally known as “Hoi An Lanterns”. The organic shapes of these lanterns are inspired by locally made bamboo fish traps. Traditionally, the lanterns are hung on the full moon, symbolising good fortune and happiness for the house they inhabit! While exploring the old quarters of this charming town, I took these photos.

View of the Thu Bon River from the Japanese Bridge in Hoi An

Street stalls selling lanterns in the evening

The Japanese Bridge

Pretty enough during the day, Hoi Ann really shines after dark when thousands of multi-coloured, hand-made silk lanterns light up the streets.

One of the shops in the old quarters

Lanterns dancing across the streets of Hoi An

A shop selling silk lanterns

Along the streets in the old quarters

Another shop selling silk lanterns

Another street scene

The purple lanterns look amazing next to the green vines!

Inside the cultural museum

Inside a silk lantern shop

Lanterns hung in trees above

A charming street scene

The end of a pleasant walk!

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