Museum of Folklore in Hoi An

Located on Nguyen Thai Hoc Street, the Museum of Folk Culture in Hoi An occupies a 150-year-old Chinese trading house. The museum is home to over 500 original artefacts dating back at least one hundred years ago. These artefacts are displayed according to categories such as: folklore, traditional clothing,  occupations, tools, utensils and games.

The front of the museum

One of the delightful courtyards inside the building

Silk lanterns and scarves for sale

One of the 100 yr old exhibits

Inside the museum – ground floor

Upstairs looking down onto one of the courtyards

Woven silk scarves on display

One of the traditional displays upstairs

Resting in one of the beautiful courtyards

Ancient wall

Narrow walkways lead from one section to the next upstairs

One of the traditional fishing boats on display

Traditional forms of agricultural like this are still in use today in Vietnam

Another view from upstairs

old china bowls

As part of the Relic Preservation Center inside Hoi An’s Old Town, entrance to this museum is free if one buys an entrance ticket into the Old Town. This is called the coupon entry system. With just one ticket worth US$5 or 10,300 dong, a tourist is able to enter and enjoy five different attractions or facilities within the Old Town. Normally, tourists would choose only one of the four museums inside the town which is normally the Hoi An Museum of History and Culture. Other museums in Hoi An worth a visit include the Museum of Sa Huynh Culture and the Museum of Trade Ceramics.

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