Chiang Mai’s Chinese Muslim Market

Known by the local name of Kad Chin Haw, the Chinese Muslim farmers’ market comes alive every Friday morning between 6 am and lunch time. It’s located in an empty lot next to an old northern Thai teak house, opposite the oldest mosque in Chiang Mai.

The Chin Haw Friday Market

Street sign off the Night Bazaar street where you can find the market

The Ban Haw Mosque

The Chin Haw originally came from Yunnan as traders. They travelled extensively between China and Burma, across the rugged mountainous tracks of northern Thailand in large mule caravans, selling their goods for centuries before settling down in Chiang Mai. In this particular market, you can still hear them speak in their native language and see them in traditional clothes.

A Chin Haw woman selling samosas, pakoras and other fried snacks

Two Chin Haw vendors Enjoying their morning selling at the market

Another Chin Haw vendor selling freshly made home cooked food and condiments

Chin Haw customers

Popular snacks!

Among a variety of interesting foods that are sold at this market are chickens, seafood, fermented bean curd, fried tofu, and pickled vegetables.

Marinated tofu

Kad Chin Haw also accommodates another large ethnic group – the Tai Yai (Shans) from the Shan State in Burma. It’s radical to imagine that the Shan traders are allowed to sell homemade pork sausages in a traditional Chinese Muslim area but alas – they do without any conflict!

Shan pork produce on sale at Kad Chin Haw

A Shan market vendor

Traditional Shan women’s blouses for sale

A Shan vegetable vendor

Cosmetics from Burma that are popular with Shan women

A small sample of the large variety of fresh vegetables for sale every Friday morning!

Honey Chicken

Lots of avocados


Seeds for sale

Shan sweet rice cakes

All kinds of rice for sale including the hiltribe red rice varieties

Fresh lychees in season – and a lot cheaper than buying fruit at Sompet market!

Bonsai plants and natural honey

The coffee vendor

An empty samlor waiting to take me back home!

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