Enchanting Elephants at Wat Pha Lat

About half way up Doi Suthep mountain,  just west of Chiang Mai, is a serene temple built on top of a sloping rock surrounded by trickling streams and waterfalls called Wat Pha Lat. Amongst the various temple buildings is lush greenery, colourful native flowers and numerous statues embellished with moss. Here is only a small sample of the photos I took, highlighting the elephants that have found their way to this tranquil setting.

A small Chiang Mai elephant

An awesome Ganesh!

Another Ganesh

A garden wall to die for!

Residences for the monks

Spectacular view of Chiang Mai from the temple! This was taken in the middle of the rainy season.

Another majestic Chiang Mai elephant

The delightful garden wall

This is definitely my favourite elephant!

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